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Elite Locksmith Rochdale is known for the provision of locksmith services including lock fitting and lock repair service throughout the greater Rochdale area. If you happen to be locked out due to the loss of your keys, or in the event that your house has been subject to a burglary attack, you should be happy to know that out team of expert technicians are more than willing to help you.
The lock fitting of doors and windows is known to offer additional security to your property and help in keeping burglars out. Statistics show that a quarter of all burglaries are as a result of entry gained from open doors and windows. In order to preempt this kind of attack, you should ensure that your doors and windows are not only fitted with strong locks, but also that they always remain locked.

At Locksmith Rochdale, we offer professional installation, lock repair, fitting, door opening, and replacement service for all kinds of windows and doors including fire escapes, garages and domestic roller-shutters.

Statistics also show that 2 out of 3 burglars, gain entry through doors. It is therefore good to know what kind of locks to use for your door, whether Mortice or cylinder locks also known as Yale locks. It is generally recommended that you use the fitting five-lever mortise deadlocks for all your external doors.

The mortice locks are usually attached to the door itself can only be opened using a key. These locks are commonly used on front doors as well as back doors in combination with the cylinder lock. The mortice locks come in several variations including two, three, five and seven lever mechanisms. The greater the number of levers, the harder it is to pick the lock. Mortice locks are often described sash or deadlock due to the presence of a latch, bolt and a pair of handles.
At Locksmiths Rochdale, we recommend that all locks should be upgraded to at least the five lever lock, which is also the recommended insurance minimum requirement. These locks have the advantage that even in the event that the burglar gains entry through the window, he will not be able to exit through the door, because the doors require activation using keys.

The cylinder rim locks or Yale locks as they are known are commonly used for internal doors and front door locks. These locks shut automatically when the doors are closed and require a key to be activated.

At Locksmith Rochdale, we are adept at installing upgrades and replacing locks for your every need. The cylinder rim locks are usually installed on the door surface by mounting them on the inside of the door via a connecting cylinder that is fitted with the key hole on the exterior side of the door.

At Locksmith Rochdale we also perform additional repairs on doors which come in the form of door bars or chains.

For windows, we are experts in fitting high visibility locks meaning that even if the burglar shatters the glass, he cannot gain entry. You should consider visiting the expert at Rochdale Locksmiths for all your lock fitting needs in Rochdale.

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